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A machine of which you do not know whether it works. Would you use it?

Something crazy is going on. Many companies use some kind of machine, while they do not know whether this will help the company?

Companies that do not have this machine do not think this machine is a good idea, but still are in doubt “or should we have it too?”

This is exactly what is going on with variable pay.
One uses the machine every month, the other calls it commission, yet another profit distribution, etc.
But surprisingly, no one knows if it helps to run a better business.

It’s time we started investigating this. Will you participate?

To be able to provide this answer, 300-500 companies need to supply information every year. How and what you can read here.
We can only do this together, with fewer companies we cannot answer the question properly.

By having better information, you can make better choices. By participating in this survey (which takes little time) you will be the first to have this information.

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