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his research into the effect of variable pay raises questions. Here I will try to provide information:

What good is it for me (you) to participate?

Only when enough companies participate can we answer the question statistically significant. By participating, will you be the first to receive the information and will you be able to make better choices?

So why are you (me) doing this?

I now have several reasons for this. First, I want to find the answer to the question. In my first job, variable pay was quite big, I bought my first car from it. Still, I’ve always had the question whether working with bonuses is really good choice for companies. My thesis in 2018, like many other studies, shows that the effect of variable pay on motivation is neutral to negative. But there may be a positive effect on the operating result. in addition, other subjects in science show that variable pay in non-standard work would actually not be a good choice. But on the other hand, we see in practice that variable pay has been increasing for decades. This is interesting, I want to investigate this

I also believe that employers and employees deserve to make well-founded choices. On the one hand, the choice that leads to good results, on the other hand, choices that you handle carefully, measure your employees and therefore do not (unconsciously) place them in situations with unnecessary stress or where ethics is on a slippery slope.

Finally, this is also a way to add value now and hope to get in touch with interesting companies.

We do not have variable remuneration

Great, join, by having a large group of diverse companies with and without variable remuneration, this research will provide us with answers. So get involved.

Do you want to lower sales pay?

The goal is not an increase or decrease in wages. The goal is to know what works. Perhaps bonuses work, perhaps profit-sharing or shares-program is better? Or just a good wage. The point is, we don’t know now. Knowledge helps to make better choices.

Together we build that knowledge.

How are we going to answer this question?

For several years, 300-500 companies, anonymously, will participate in this survey. Business data will be provided annually, and sales teams will complete questionnaires about motivation. The preliminary questionnaires can be found below.

I will analyze the data, summarize, and provide feedback to the participating companies.


The time it takes to complete the questionnaire is minimal, as you can see from the examples. Company data approx. 1 hour, the sales questionnaire takes approx. 5 minutes per person. For all this we are going to build an online environment.

I expect to collect the data every year between June and Augut. You can then receive information / insights in autumn. In order to obtain statistically reliable insights, this research will run for 3-5 years. This allows us to make good choices together.


With the current participating companies (34 in march 2021) , it is already starting to become a serious research. In addition, a number of international researchers will support this research and give international attention:

  • Harish Sujan, an American Professor with an enormous amount of research and publications around sales.
    Silvio Borrero, a Colombian Professor (Phd student of Harish Sujan) and Dean at Javeriana University in Colombia

This collaboration will make the research considerably more valuable. we invite other researchers to join.


Participating companies can trust that the data will be processed anonymously and confidentially. This is because we will not collect company names or personal names in the survey. You can’t lose what you don’t have. Insim commits its knowledge and expertise to research.

Who is Insim?
Insim focuses on 5 pillars around data: Intelligence, functionality, training, service and design.
You can read more about it on their website or give Theobert Kissen, the owner, a call.

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