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This page is the start page for study participants. Great that you are participating. Together we work on the answer to find out whether or not variable remuneration contributes to a better operating result. We are pioneers with this! This investigation has never taken place before.

As you know, I am conducting this research in a personal capacity. Which does not alter the fact that the quality will be high. Literature study is part of this. I will combine that with blogs, video, podcasts and other sources that will emerge in the coming years. I will continue to pay attention to the scientific nature. I highly value the sources of professors / researchers. I will exclude other sources that have not been proven from perhaps professional but less scientific persons / organizations.

Do you have any resources that are interesting, share them with me.

I would like to share the findings with you, this is also how we improve together.

In addition, I now also want to use your attention to ask you to share this research with others. The larger the group of participants, the more powerful the answer. Even if you only discuss it with 1 other director or manager in the coming week. That’s how we grow.